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I find you can get away with regular needle files on the wound string slots but proper nut files are really useful for the the three top strings at least. Stewart MacDonald's catalog is slightly confusing because they offer both the single and double gauged files, and the two types come in different sizes.

Violin Nut File Set, 4 files - Philadelphia Luthier Tools ... Violin Nut File Set, 4 files Rating * Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Best way to create slot in 1/2" steel plate I'll assume no money and hardly any equipment. If one had a drill motor and a dozen little drill bits (and all the time it took) he could chain drill, knock out the slug and rat tail file a decent slot. Its a process that works extremely well with some mechanical guidance. Here I used it to cut a stuck nut in half. Tool for cutting nut slots? | The Gear Page I want to cut the nut slots lower on my Epiphone Dot but I have not done this before.Vaughn, without a feeler gauge, I can try the 3rd fret method. So the slot should be angle back a bit toAfter filing the slots with a gauged round edge nut file for the proper depth & width, I actually use this...

Tool for cutting nut slots? | The Gear Page

This is a full set of 8 nut slotting files for guitars. Each file has a twin 4" cutting edge to help produce a clean and accurate string slot. Which nut files do I need? - The Unofficial Martin Guitar ...

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A decent set of files but the reason i only give them 4 stars is because the .010 file is bowed. I sort of expected that such a thin file would not be perfectly straight but the amount of bow is at least 1/4". Even if it were not so bowed it is thin and flexible. I will make something to hold it straight when using to cut a slot. 5 Nut Files | Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum The problem I see with that set is that I don't see the specs listed. So we don't know what size slot those files will make. I typically use .010 strings, and I don't want my high "E" to be swimming in the nut slot. I have a sneaking suspicion that i'm in for about $100 for a good, spec'd out set of nut files. Home Nut Fitting Specifications - Mandolin Luthier Nut Fitting If you are adjusting a nut after fitting a new bridge, go to step 6: fine tuning: ... as a file to finish off. The slot needs to be wide enough to fit the string with no room for vibrations within the slot. ... I have found Stew Mac's graduated saw set extremely useful in cutting bridge and nut slots.

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